English Résumé

Résumé (English)

My name is Oliver and I am a gaming, food and movie enthusiast who loves to organize events, board work in non-profit organizations and the smell of rubber when rigging a show, theatre or event.

Sverok Admin AB
Livestreaming Technician

A livestreaming technician when we helped goverment organisation and non-profit organisations to stream meetings, panel discussions live to their members at home. Sverok have been always been in the frontline of technology use for helping its members. Livestreaming our yearly congress started out and resulted in the Sverok owned company to sell the service of helping other organizations to livestream their meetings.

Vivobarefoot Sverige

During my internship at Vivobarefoot I got the privilege to work with the company website and its products updates. I also worked with the company social media marketing, primarily Facebook and Instagram. We arranged several Instagram competitions which had a good number attendees. Vivobarefoot is a company and brand selling barefoot shoes. Vivobarefoot Sverige sells these within Sweden and Denmark both thru their own webshop and stores and previously to other shoe salesmen.

Riksteatern Osby
Stage Manager

Helping with building of the decor, setting the light and sound when theatre groups visit the local theatre in Osby.

Also managing the workers so that there are enough workers before the productions arrives, and make sure that they are paid accordingly afterwards.

Netray AB
IT Administrator

An internet business handling four different webstores which sells everything from home renovation products, furnitures, DIY products and masquerade costumes. My primary job is to prepare and update new and existing products on the websites and be a backend support to customer service about our products. I have also when needed helped customer service as a first line support for our customers.

Higher vocational education
International Corporate Sales Agent

A higher vocational education in the teachings of a international corporate sales agent. A education were we got to learn the ways of sealing a deal when dealing business to business, to analyze a company and its market.

  • Skills in being able to plan, promote, sell and manage business matters.
  • Skills in the use of concepts, practices and buisinesss tools, in national and international business enviroments.
  • Skills in formulating market strategies, developing a marketing plan and drawing up a rate of return analysis.
  • Proficiency in the formal process that have been adapted for selling to businesses, as well as skills in analyzing a completed an implemented business deal.
  • Knowledge of Customer Relationship Management. * Skills in business english.
Non-Profit Engagements
Various positions

As one of several head of the Forums i have been responsible for the technical regarding our phpBB and later invisionpowered forum boards for our national organisation.

Have for 8 year been head technicals for our annual meeting were around 120 representatives meet to decide the future of the organisation. This also includes the making of a live stream for those that can not come and instead are sitting at home.


As member of the board, chairman for the Junior organsiation and later for the national organisation for the association that works for the spreading and organization of Magic the Gathering in Sweden.

Since 2018, chairman of the board.

Design and Photo
Adobe Photoshop
General knowledge of photoshop and image editing. I use this in my job to extract and edit parts of images to best show a product on the webshop.
Adobe Illustrator
Have helped design a few logos and convert old logos to vectorized images.
Adobe InDesign
Have designed several posters, booklets and other printing materials within InDesign.
Microsoft Excel
Daily works with excel for product and price updates in the company webshop.
Microsoft Word
Apple Pages
Apple Keynote
Have made several nice presentations and take great pride in making good looking presentations for my audience.